Want To Improve Your Team's Health & Productivity?

In "Busy-ness", it's easy to sideline our health priorities to get more done...But the opposite is actually true! Investing in your health and wellbeing can actually make you work faster and more productively.

With 88 events (and counting) and 7 years' dietetic experience under her belt, Kali knows what it takes to keep audiences ENGAGED, INSPIRED and ready to take action!

Evidence shows that healthy employees are more productive. Investing in your team's health can boost performance and lower sick days...It's WIN/WIN!

With a range of packages available to suit your needs, MFC can tailor a corporate health program to include: Presentation & Workbooks Cooking Demo's One-on-one

Health Consultations Group Goal Setting For Health Want to find out more?

Contact Kali directly: E info@myfoodculture.com

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