What I Learned On Retreat

Have you ever had plans that turned out different than expected? Last weekend, I travelled to this gorgeous yoga retreat expecting […]

Kali Travel

What I Eat When I Travel

Once upon a time, I felt very worried about weight gain when I travelled. I used to tell fellow travellers […]

picture success and happiness

What Is Success?

What does success mean to you?   Since reading Jordon Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life, I’ve been wrestling with this […]

Beautiful flower denoting mindful eating essence.

The Power Of Mindful Eating

In nutrition, there’s rarely a ‘one size fits all’ approach and different dietary strokes suit different folks. Some people thrive […]

good book and cup of marshmallows

My Hygge Day

If you’d like to befriend your appetite and create a healthy relationship to food, this is your sanctuary. Mindful eating […]

Fountain pen resting on paper

How to create your vision book

I’m a massive fan of goal-setting. Whether it’s psychological, metaphysical ‘woo-woo’ or a mixture of both, it works for me! […]