vietnamese pho

Vietnamese Pho

Serves 4 Ingredients 1 tablespoon rice bran or sesame oil 2 whole red chillis, finely sliced 3 inch knob ginger, […]

ANZAC Affogato


My boyfriend came up with this marvellous twist on a traditional affogato and it’s absolutely delicious! So simple to make, […]

Dragonfruit (pitaya) smoothie

Pitaya Chia Smoothie

  Serves 1 Ingredients 1 frozen banana Flesh of half a pitaya (preferably dark variety) (pitaya is also known as […]

Cannellini Bean Brownie

Cannellini Bean Brownie

Cannellini Bean Brownies…Gooey, Fudgey & just the right amount of crunchy choc chips… INGREDIENTS 1 tin (400g) cannellini beans, drained […]

Raw Chocolate Hearts (recipe)

INGREDIENTS -For the ‘base’ mixture- 1.25 cup raw cacao butter (shaved and tightly packed) 1.25 cup raw cacao powder ¾ […]


Slow Cook Sunday Dahl

Looking for a nourishing, easy and economic way to feed the family? This dahl recipe makes a delicious feast to […]

Plantain Chips

Plantain Party Chips

Looking for something different to impress your mates? Guests will LOVE this (and not even know that it’s healthy…ish) Plantain […]

Coconut lime tarts

Coconut Lemon Tarts

These little cups are so delightful – fill with whatever tickles your fancy; dairy yoghurt, raw cacao mousse and lemon […]

Carrot Saffron Frosting on Pie

Carrot Saffron Frosting

Who needs artificial colours when nature offers up vibrancy like this? Many ‘natural colourings’ can be very expensive for familiies, […]

black forest dukkah sweet

Black Forest Dukkah

For the best topping on ice-cream, fruit and yoghurt – try Black Forest Dukkah! INGREDIENTS ¼ cup hazelnuts ¼ cup […]

Vegan Cookie Dough Slice

Vegan Cookie Dough Slice

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you…The binding ingredient in this gooey decadent slice is cannellini beans. These guys are bland but […]

Sweet potato chocolate truffles

Sweet Potato Chocolate Truffles

Who knew that truffles could contain VEGETABLES and still taste damn delish?! This recipe was initially inspired for a Diabetic […]

Sweet Lavender Dukkah

Sweet Lavender Dukkah

Did you know that dukkah can be sweet as well? This dukkah goes on my smoothies, muffins and cakes when […]

Healthy Roll Ups

Healthy Roll Ups

Tasty roll ups – no sugar added. Ingredients 3 cups roughly chopped apricots (approx.6 apricots) 3 medium mangoes 2 tbsp […]