Kali Talks Burnout

Have you ever felt like you are just one stressful day away from crawling into bed and not getting out?

In a world where we are busier than ever before, when overtime is not just common but expected and we are pulled in a million directions every day, clients often ask:

  • “Where do I fit in time for me?”
  • “I know I’d feel better if I exercised but I just can’t find the energy.” Or, 
  • “I don’t even have time for a lunchbreak, so how can I possibly eat well?”

These are valid concerns! When you consider that 1 in 4 Australians are sacrificing sleep to ‘get more done’, adding 1 more health task onto our To Do lists is not always the answer.

In this 15 minute video, I share 5 simple strategies to improve your wellbeing if you’re feeling tired or on the road to Burn Out:

  1. SPACIOUSNESS – How to reclaim pockets of time to get perspective, recharge and organise.
  2. SUPPORT – Simple ideas to ask for help or delegate your workload more effectively.
  3. SOS NUTRITION – Fast, easy ways to upgrade your nutrient intake WITHOUT using too much energy.
  4. SWEAT IT – The proven power of movement to build resilience & deal with stress (studies show it works better than a holiday!)
  5. SELF-REFLECTION – Understand the beliefs, assumptions and patterns that lead you into burn out.


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