Body Image


Imagine a world where you felt confident with the skin you're in.

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It’s never about “the food” or “your body”

Recently I’ve heard from some of you who’ve shared your ‘dark nights of the soul’ around food and body image. […]

Change Room Confessions

Six weeks ago, I found myself hunched up in a change room, snot-faced and blotchy, with a hand clamped over […]

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Why Choose A Non-Diet Approach?

Why Choose A ‘Non-diet’ Approach?   When women come to see me for the first time, it’s often clear that […]

Christmas Feast

How to avoid ‘weight gain shame’ at Christmas

Has anybody ever noticed how much time women waste expounding their weight and ‘feeling fat’ around this time of year? […]

Eating with Friends

What to do when you are having a bad body day

Lovely ladies, do you ever have those days when NOTHING in your wardrobe feels good? Mornings when you find yourself […]

Looking Good

Exercise to feel good, not look good

Back in my early twenties, going to the gym was a session of self-punishment. Exercise wasn’t about health, mental clarity […]