Nutrition & My Body


Eating nutritious food is an option, not an obligation. This is a wellspring of information if you'd like to know more about food and your body.

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eat chocolate joyfully

End ‘The Guilts’ Over Chocolate This Easter

Do you ever get ‘the guilts’ around chocolate over Easter? I used to spend Easter swinging between two extremes; exercising […]


What I Learned On Retreat

Have you ever had plans that turned out different than expected? Last weekend, I travelled to this gorgeous yoga retreat expecting […]

nutrition confusion

Overwhelmed about food? Just do today.

A year ago, I set myself one BIG goal: To write my first book. If I’d sat down and thought to […]

Is Burnout Affecting Your Nutrition?

How many times a week do you feel ‘too tired’ to cook dinner? Fatigue and lack of energy is one […]

Kali Travel

What I Eat When I Travel

Once upon a time, I felt very worried about weight gain when I travelled. I used to tell fellow travellers […]

bliss balls and coffee

My Month Without Coffee

Last October I did the unthinkable…I gave up coffee! My craft-beer loving partner was giving up alcohol for ‘Octsober’, so I decided […]

Moroccan Tagine

Moroccan Tagine with Zesty Quinoa Cous Cous

I LOVE tagine recipes for a few simple reasons: They are simple and require minimal prep, There’s little in the […]

clear thinking brain

A Simple High-Performance Hack To Clear Your Thinking Instantly

Believe it or not, how you breathe plays an important role in you think, focus and interpret the world around […]

Weight Scales

Do You Have A ‘Set Point’ Metabolism?

Do you ever feel ​like you’re fighting your weight?  I certainly used to. I was the girl who tried every fad diet.  Whilst […]

Christmas Day Weight Gain

Avoid Weight & Food Worry This Christmas

Just a few days ago, I returned home from Europe. After a month of being carefree with food, it’s been […]

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It’s never about “the food” or “your body”

Recently I’ve heard from some of you who’ve shared your ‘dark nights of the soul’ around food and body image. […]

Change Room Confessions

Six weeks ago, I found myself hunched up in a change room, snot-faced and blotchy, with a hand clamped over […]

How To Meal Prep Like A #MFCr

Save Time and Money: Top Tips To Meal Prep and Organise Your Pantry   Here are my top tips to […]

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Why Choose A Non-Diet Approach?

Why Choose A ‘Non-diet’ Approach?   When women come to see me for the first time, it’s often clear that […]

Junk Food

How to get past a junk food blowout

It’s always intrigued me how women define their ‘goodness’ by their eating habits. I couldn’t count how many of patients […]

Gold Sparkles

How to maintain your New Year Health

The New Year stirs a sense of fresh beginnings. We tend to feel inspired, motivated and hopeful about setting our […]

Chained to a cupcake

Why don’t diets work?

A scientific exploration of why weight-loss diets may actually do more harm than good When I first started my career […]