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If you’d like to befriend your appetite and create a healthy relationship to food, this is your sanctuary. Mindful eating can help you get off the diet yo-yo cycle once and for all, making peace with the food you eat.

My Hygge Food Day

Recently, I had one of those mornings when nothing seemed to go right.

My alarm went off at the wrong time and everything went downhill from there.

I couldn’t get into the flow of my day. I don’t know about you but feeling time-pressured is one of my biggest challenges with stress. If work is piling up with not enough hours to get everything done, I slip out of calm.

It’s not a good feeling and paradoxically, it’s not great for productivity either. When we are under pressure (albeit self-perceived), self-care is one of the first sacrifices we make to the slave of our To Do List.

Things that I know really serve me like sleep, slow food, hanging out with the people I love, yoga, the ocean and sunshine, tend to get pushed to the wayside in my dogged pursuit to ‘get it all done’. Recently however, I stumbled upon this concept of Hygge.

By lucky happenstance, I found a beautiful blog post by The Little Green Door called, ‘30 Days of Hygge in November’. As I understand it, Hygge is a Danish word (pronounced ‘Hew-ga’) which roughly translates to mean the art of cosiness.

It’s about creating warm atmosphere and enjoying the simple, good things in life in the company of people we love. I also really like this simple Wiki definition of Hygge; ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’.

How nice does that sound? And given that Danes are touted as one of the happiest people on Earth, my interest was piqued. Because Hygge was on my radar – and I’d already been thinking about different ways to cultivate it in my life – I stopped my frantic, unproductive rushing around on this stressful morning. I breathed deeply. And I asked myself: “What can I do to feel content and cosy today?” The effect was immediate.

Creating even a possibility of Hygge in my day was enough to free up my mental space and positively shift my perspective.

The following ideas sprang to mind:

Taking a walk through the forest near my house,
Doing yoga,
Creating a beautiful, slow cooked meal,
Washing my hair and styling it nicely,
Burning essential oils,
Buying myself a nice book to read after my work got done.

You get the picture 😉 I checked over my calendar and realised that my panic was not really justified. There was nothing that was critically urgent to do in that moment. Sure, I definitely had important work to do. BUT…the sense of rush wasn’t necessary to get it all done. In the end, Hygge breathed spaciousness back into my day.

That spaciousness was there all along, I just had to create a sense of it. Lo and behold, my critical work tasks were completed, I made it for a forest walk on my lunch break…AND I ended up creating this beautiful, Hygge-inspired slow cooked lamb bourguignon to share with a glass of red and my beloved sweetheart.

Eaten mindfully, with care and attentiveness to the rich, gorgeous flavours of this dish, the tender fall-off-the-bone slow-cooked lamb and warmth of feeling a homecooked meal fill my belly, I realised that mindful eating can be one of the ultimate acts of cosiness.

S gere’s to Hygge! May you also enjoy the cosy comfort of this nourishing, slow-cooked meal x

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