I'm Kali Gray
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My Approach To Food

My approach to food, cooking and women’s health might seem a bit unorthodox but it’s steeped in good evidence, professional expertise and the hard-knock school of life.

You see, I’ve had some long, hard struggles with food. I’ve been down the dark road of hating my body and punishing it with gruelling hours at the gym and harsh diets.I wasted a bunch of emotional energy trying to ‘eat perfect’, ‘look perfect’ and well, ‘be perfect’. Sounds familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time.

After grappling with my own food issues, I studied a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, then spent years as a Clinical Dietitian. I met hundreds of beautiful, smart, funny, capable women who were trapped on the dieting treadmill; utterly obsessed – and failing miserably – with weight loss diets.

It’s a cycle you may recognise: The more you hate your body, the more you diet or try to control what you eat. Yet more often than not, we fall off the wagon, blowing out and gaining weight….Until the cycle starts all over again. Many people spend decades of their precious lives locked inside this vicious cycle.

It was the “aha” moment I’d been searching for.


This heartbreaking situation isn’t limited to my experience as a health practitioner. The research is pretty clear: Only 5% of people successfully maintain weight loss after a five year period. So if diets fail for 95% of the population, shouldn’t we seek a different solution? For my patients - and myself, if I’m truthful - I began investigating another approach.

The approach I found doesn’t fit a rigid ‘one-size-fits-all formula’ or panacea pill. It’s not fuelled with false promises that prey upon our insecurities or dreams of fitting into the slim elite. Some people in my field call it the ‘Health At Every Size’ or ‘Non-Diet’ model. After over a decade of body hate and yoyo-eating, it was the ‘aha’ moment I’d been searching for.



It’s an approach that says life is too magnificent to waste.

At MFC, we value integrity as a company above all else.  We are here to offer a safe space to feel good about food, provide evidence-based practical advice and connect you with a supportive community of women who share your journey.

If you feel like food rules your life or undermines your happiness...

If you think the only way to ‘be healthy’ is following a strict diet…There’s another way. We can cultivate a new food culture where choosing healthy food is not an act of punishment, rather a choice that's based in joy.

If there’s a part of you that wishes you could embrace yourself – cellulite and all – have fun in the kitchen and rediscover the pure, simple joy of food…. It CAN be this way.

We’re here to help. My Food Culture was created because you’re #MFCing beautiful, worthy of happiness and health free from diets. We’re here because life’s too short to be wasting energy on the size of your thighs or calories in your latte. We’re celebrating food and a good life, and you can too!

All my love,


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