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A year ago, I set myself one BIG goal: To write my first book.

If I’d sat down and thought to myself, ‘Gotta write 30,000 words today‘…I’d have run for the hills before even picking up a pen!

Writing a book is surprisingly a lot like creating new food habits and I’ve learned so much from my clients about change. I often work with people who’ve just come through a life-changing event. Perhaps they’ve had a heart attack or a brush with cancer. Understandably, a health scare like this can create a lot of fear and push you into action.

Action is FANTASTIC but trying to get it perfect all at once is rarely helpful.

So if you feel overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated with your perceived failures, here’s a simple way to untrap and reframe:

Ask yourself this simple question, ‘What’s one thing I can do today to take good care of myself?’

Framed in this way, ‘never being allowed to eat sugar again’ shrinks down to, ‘what are some lower sugar foods I could choose in this moment?’ Or ‘getting fit’ changes to a more positive attitude towards movement, such as ‘how can I move my body in a way that serves me today?’

When we get caught up in the overwhelming bigger picture, our power is diluted. But by reframing to look at what is in our control right here and right now, our focus is so much more powerful:

As this model shows, when we’re concerned about ‘doing it all’ and projecting into the future a lot, our power in the now is diminished. When we stay focussed on just doing today, our power is focussed on doing the task in front of us.

This is not to say that we should never think about the future! But it does reiterate the importance of breaking down big challenges into smaller, easier steps to feel empowered on what we actually can do right here, right now:

Step one. Break down your big tasks into smaller, finite jobs.

Step two. Figure out when you can actually fit in doing those jobs and schedule them into your calendar.

Step three. Focus on achieving a little thing just today, rather than a lot tomorrow.

Step four. Start small, just to get yourself going. You’ll build momentum with time, especially as you believe in yourself and your ability to complete your goals.

Step five. Expect some stuff ups and bumps along the way. You’re human after all 😉

Step six. Be kind to yourself!


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