Food Freedom


Can you imagine a world where you…


 Felt completely comfortable with the skin you’re in?
 Were liberated from food rules that shackle your life & drain your energy?
 Felt energised rather than controlled by the food that you eat?
 Befriended your appetite & surrendered to the simple pleasure of eating?
 Healed your relationship with food & your body?

Ten years ago, this would have all sounded too good to be true. Because in fact, my life looked completely the opposite.


I was on a rollercoaster ride of weight loss and weight gain. No matter what I tried, I’d always end up back at Square One, either undereating or overeating and feeling ashamed of my body.

Later, when I began my practice as a Dietitian, I realised that my past struggles with food were not as strange as I once thought. I was hearing my story - with all its promises & heartbreak - reflected back to me in my patients’ experiences.

I began to think that dieting was not the answer.


Thankfully, I discovered a new set of tools for getting off the Dieting Yo Yo Cycle. (And dealing with the whole baggage of body image hang ups and disordered eating that goes along with it!)

This new way is called the ‘Non-Diet Approach’


and it offers a wonderful option of viewing health through a lens of self-care and abundance. The ‘Non-Diet Approach’ says that:

  1. Every human being is worthy of dignity and deserves to feel good about the body they're in.
  2. Our focus with food is on 'feeling good', not 'being good' or losing weight.
  3. When we reconnect with our natural appetite and learn to listen to our bodies, we have everything we need to feel well and energised.
  4. Our decisions around food and movement better serve us when they come from a place of self-care and self-love.
  5. When we feel good about ourselves, we tend to treat ourselves well.
  6. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' diet or recipe for wellness. We need to truly listen to our bodies and feel empowered to make choices that serve us as individuals.
  7. Your self-worth is separate to what you eat or how much you weigh.

My absolute wish


is to give you the same freedom with food & health that I now enjoy.

My books & programs offer a straightforward Non-Diet roadmap, complete with tools, systems and strategies rediscover joyful health in your own life too.

'Cause guess what?


Life’s too short to worry about the size of your thighs or the calories in a latte...

And you deserve to be happy now!


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Freedom from Dieting eBook


Written from the personal and professional experience of Dietitian Kali Gray, ‘Freedom From Dieting’ explains why millions of women across the world struggle every day with food and their body image. Rather than celebrating the beautiful gifts of our bodies, Kali explains why many of us feel ashamed about the skin we’re in and shows us how it doesn’t need to be this way.

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