The #MFC Mantra.


We’re here to celebrate the pure and simple joy of food; eating, sharing meals with the people we love and cooking up a #MFCing storm. This a safe space for you to feel good about yourself and your skills in the kitchen.

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Our Focus is
Feel Good.


Food is one of the most basic pleasures of life and we embrace it! We don’t eat to be good, we eat to FEEL GOOD. There’s a massive difference, and once you discover the full potential of this approach, you’ll never look back!

There’s A Better Way than Dieting.

Congratulations if diets work for you – however, I’m sorry but you are the exception. For the other 95% of us, *diets can sometimes do more harm than good. On the other hand, letting go of calorie-counting and embracing a self-kind #MFC approach to food can set you free, resulting in a more vibrant, happier you!

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Everybody is


If you are alive right now reading this, your body is performing miracles. So whatever your size, shape or weight, there’s something to appreciate and love about the body you’re in right now.

Health is an
, not an


For me personally, I love eating certain nutritious foods because they make me FEEL GOOD. This feel-goodness improves every aspect of my life, from the quality of my mood to the sparkle in my eyes. But although I value good health, I’m not saying you should. Live life on your terms.

my passion.


It’s not my religion. We keep things real here!

We should shift our health focus away from weight.


Food and fitness become far more enjoyable when it comes from a place of a self care.

The HAES paradigm says that you can be healthy at any size and any weight, if you are exercising and eating well. However, fat tissue is metabolically active and I do think there’s inadmissible evidence to show that there are health risks associated with having high body fat.

Food is fun!


If you’re sceptical of this or nobody’s shown you how it can be, join me in the #MFC Kitchen. I was called the ‘burn girl’ in high school because I hated the kitchen and burned everything. If the burn girl can fall in love with cooking, I’ll show how you can too!