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- Kali Gray, Dietitian & Nutritionist

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Hi, I’m Kali.


My friends know me as a “non-diet” Dietitian.


I created MFC to help you boost your body image and make peace with food.

You’ll find inspiration for freedom from dieting, tips to improve your body image and practical ideas to heal your relationship with food.

I also run kickass Food Events, have a YouTube Cooking & Mindful Eating Channel and offer programs and coaching services to help women reclaim joy and ease with food.

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Life's too short to worry about the size of your thighs or the calories in a latte!


When we reconnect with the pleasure of food and embrace mindful eating, research shows that we actually tend to treat our bodies better.

At MFC, we care about the story behind food and approach recipe creation with an enormous sense of gratitude.  Our meals are made with love and the sincerest desire that you will love them too.

So Why Non-Diet?


Are you sick of the diet yo-yo cycles, losing weight only to find that it piles back on (and then some?). Do food and body image thoughts drain your energy? And are you putting off living your happiest life until you reach a certain dress size?

Despite what diet culture sells you, there are good reasons why our bodies and minds rebel against food restriction.  And 'losing weight' is not the only route to health, happiness and body confidence.

With a 5% 'success rate', you aren't failing at diets - rather diets are failing YOU.  There's a better way than dieting! Welcome to a new paradigm that offers freedom from food and body image battles.



Whatever your size or shape
everybody is beautiful

If you are alive right now reading this, your body is performing miracles. Each day, your heart beats a whopping 115,000 times, your lungs inhale up to 30,000 breaths and your body generates over 220 billion new cells...All without you even having to think about it!

You are more than just a dress size or your latest selfie. The body is an incredible machine, gifting you with this amazing experience called Life.

As such, it deserves your love and respect.

Today, it’s easy to forget this. We’re not taught to feel good about our bodies and many things in modern life achieve just the opposite! MFC is a sanctuary for when bad body thoughts creep in...a wellspring of information to remind you how magnificent you truly are.

We care about health and sustainability.


That's why we've developed a premium product for your everyday use.

Freedom from Dieting E-Book

Freedom from Dieting


Want to get off the diet yo-yo cycle and heal your relationship with food? Filled with worksheets, action plans and expertise based on working with thousands of clients, dietitian Kali wrote this guide to fast track your way to health and happiness free from dieting.

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Eco lunchbox kit 6 piece

Eco Lunch Box Kit


Made from biodegradable, non-toxic compressed plant fibres, this 6 piece Eco Lunch Box Kit comes with everything you need to save money and pack a yummy lunch for work.

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Eco Lunch Box Kit +

Made to Size Felt Cooler Bag

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Whether you're wanting to feel confident in your body image, or create fast, health dinners that fit a budget, we've got you covered!

Ranging from chocolate making to fermentation, free supermarket tours, wellness seminars, coffee appreciation mornings, cheese-making and food events ...