Life’s too short to
worry about the
shape of your thighs or
the calories in a latte

Kali Gray, Dietitian & Nutritionist

I'm a Dietitian but I
don't believe in Diets,
Contradictory Right?

Kali Gray, Dietitian & Nutritionist

There are 8 billion
bodies on the Earth.
Love the one you're in.

Kali Gray, Dietitian & Nutritionist

My Approach
To Food

My approach to food might seem a bit unorthodox but it’s steeped in good evidence, professional expertise and the hard-knock school of life. 

I know what it feels like to struggle with food and body image. Yet in the past, after every diet I’d always end up blowing out, gaining weight and hating my body even more.

I was my body’s worst bully.

I wasted so much energy trying to ‘eat perfect’, ‘‘look perfect’ and well, ‘‘be perfect’. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time.

In my practice as a dietitian, I’ve met countless women who are also trapped on this dieting treadmill. It’s a cycle you may recognise: The more you hate your body, the more you diet. Yet eventually we fall off the wagon and regain our weight...Until the cycle starts all over again.

The answer is not in more diets. It’s in freedom from diets; an approach to food that’s rooted in self-love, ease with eating...and even fun! KEEP READING

We’re here to celebrate the pure and simple joy of food.

This a safe space for you to feel good about yourself and your skills in the kitchen. We’re your go-to for food inspiration, a big dose of positive body image and a pick-me-up when you’re having a “bad food day”. (Ya know, those days?)


Whatever your size or shape everybody is beautiful

If you are alive right now reading this, your body is performing miracles. Each day, your heart beats a whopping 115,000 times, your lungs inhale up to 30,000 breaths and your body generates over 220 billion new cells...All without you even having to think about it!

You are more than just a dress size or your latest selfie. The body is an incredible machine, gifting you with this amazing experience called Life.

As such, it deserves your love and respect.

Today, it’s easy to forget this. We’re not taught to feel good about our bodies and many things in modern life achieve just the opposite!  MFC is a sanctuary for when bad body thoughts creep in...a wellspring of information to remind you how magnificent you truly are.

Check out our #MFC Mantra HERE

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